I bought myself a new queen size bed with tall firm mattresses. I have a new job at work now. Actually, same job, different work. These are my favorite places to be now. Bed and work. I'm quite satisfied. Also, I finally got my wireless printer to work wirelessly with my laptop and can print from bed...with no wires, no less! I've been happily spiralizing everything is sight and generally enjoying myself. Plus, I got my tax refund today. Yay for 2012!


I was really looking forward to my vacation. Friday, August 27 was my last workday and because of the Labor Day holiday on September 6, I wasn't due back to work until September 7. I decided to celebrate on Saturday morning August 28 by getting donuts. I walked out of the shop with a dozen assorted and four chocolate milks. Not realizing that there was a step down from the sidewalk to the parking lot, I stepped off into mid-air and landed on top of the donuts and chocolate milk. Luckily, we salvaged the donuts and 3 of the four milks. Unluckily my right ankle had a knot as big as a grade A extra large hen egg.

As I lay there moaning and crying like a tiny baby, one man glanced down at me and went on his merry way and drove off with his donuts. A nice lady who had just arrived for her appointment at the nail salon next to the donut shop and one of the employees at the nail salon and an unknown man helped me up. I couldn't put any weight on my right foot. The three of them helped me to my car and I was able to drive the short distance across the street to my home. When I got there, I realized there was no way I was going to make it up the stairs to my apartment. Just then my downstairs neighbor, a young boy, came out to walk his dog. I asked him to go upstairs and get my daughter, Katy who came down with my granddaughter, Zephyr and they took me to the ER where I got a temporary splint pending a visit with an orthopedic surgeon.

Well, my ankle was broken on both sizes of my leg and I had to go see a surgeon on Monday. We had to wait for all the swelling to go down and so I ended up having surgery on Thursday to put pins and a plate in there. I spent that night in the hospital, went home on Friday and spent the next week in bed on pain pills, only getting up to go to the bathroom with the help of a walker and my oldest daughter, Melissa.
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Heres what you do:
1) Open your playlist on your iPod
2) Press Shuffle
3) The song you get is the answer to the question

How was your.......

Day? Thunder – Nuttin But Strings

Night? I Get Around – The Beach Boys

Year? It Better End Soon - Chicago

Week? A Church Is Burning – Simon and Garfunkel

Whats your best friends theme song?
Chiquitita - Abba

Whats Your life story? Something Inside – Elgar (from August Rush)

What do you regret? Madness – Alanis Morissette

What color is your room? I Know What I Know – Paul Simon

What makes you feel better? Summer Holiday – Chris Isaak

Where would you rather be? Halo - Beyonce

What do people think is your theme song??
Tempus Vernum - Enya

What do you think is your theme song?
Hold On Tight - ELO

How was school?
Older – They Might Be Giants

How is your love life?
Why Worry – Dire Straits

How old are you?
Mr. Lonley Man – Chris Isaak

Are you alive? No More Worlds - Berlin
What song will they play at...................

Your prom: Your Wildest Dreams – The Moody Blues

Your Funeral: Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

Your Wedding: It Better End Soon - Chicago

Your 16th B-day party: Iko Iko – The Bell Stars

Middle School: Delayed Reaction – Hall and Oates

Your Flashbacks: Marooned – Pink Floyd

What will be your last words? I Need A Lover – John Mellencamp
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Today at 4:30 Zephyr and I are going to see New Moon and then at 7:00 we are going to see 2012. We will probably share a huge popcorn and a huge coke. Whoa...I gotta go get ready.
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A lot of free websites are like drugs. They get you hooked on all the cool free stuff you can do and then they say now that you are addicted, it's really gonna cost ya. So I will be leaving the following website: Flickr I got a free pro account with my att/yahoo dsl account and after several years of some amazing Flickr stuff, hey, now it's not free anymore.

Here's the notice I got:

From: Flickr HQ
Subject: [Flickr] Your Flickr Pro Account Is About to Expire

Hi heymaggie,

We have an important update about your Flickr Pro account. Beginning January 2009, AT&T Internet members will no longer receive free Flickr Pro.

All AT&T Internet Flickr pro accounts will be converted to free Flickr accounts, which are subject to some limits. You can read more about the limits of a free Flickr account here:


Your Flickr Pro account will expire on: 1st February, 2009. This date includes any existing months of Flickr Pro that you may have purchased prior to receiving your free Pro account through AT&T Internet Service.

You can purchase another year or two of Flickr pro goodness here: http://www.flickr.com/upgrade/email/

And to thank you for staying with us, you'll get two additional months at no cost when you renew Pro at the regular price of $24.95 a year.

To find out more:


The Flickreenos

Almost everything I get on my att/yahoo email is spam, even though I have a spam filter. It probably won't work until I start paying for it. Oh, wait, I do pay for it. Also my cool looking att/yahoo homepage, which I also pay for, is just chock full of ads that interest me not one whit.

Well, can't do much about it except complain, so I'll be complaining quite a bit till they start charging me for that too.



Season 2, Episode 9: There's Always a Catch

Original Air Date: 15 November 1983
A small fishing village is held hostage by a greedy fisherman and his goons. They have a protection racket going and if the other seamen in the village don't give Garber (John Quade) half of their haul, Garber and his men capsize their boats. Of course, if the extortion continues, the bay's sea life will be depleted and none of the residents will be able to survive there anyway. The A-Team comes to the aid of the Mayer family which has fallen victim to Garber's men. Unfortunately, Col. Decker is also hot on their heels, too. The question is, will Decker leave with the A-Team or Garber in custody?


I was gonna be so good but instead I went a little willy nilly at the Walmart this evening.  I bought movies.  I bought a Microshield hard plastic case with detachable rotating belt clip for my iPod.  And these are the movies I got:  Terminator 2, Anger Management, Air Force One, Volunteers, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mr. Deeds, and The Complete First Second and Third seasons of Bewitched.  I also got a new book in the mail today from Zooba: The Cat Who Blew the Whistle by Lilian Jackson Braun.  And, I got my new credits for Audible and am about to load a new book on my iPod.  I just have to choose what I want to hear.  Audible.com...I goze there now. 


 Zephyr and I just watched Mr. Bean's Holiday.  I laughed my arse off.  It was such a good movie.  His best yet.


I had this really fine post ready to post and my ATT dsl disconnected and I lost it so I will just say (cause I don't want to write it all over again) that besides my original group Yahoo! Jams and Mailart, which will always be my favorite group, I have found some other groups to join.  Nervousness (which has changed vastly since I first tried it out years ago) and Monday Art Day,  have already provided me with some great trades and some new group swaps.

Also, some of my old friends from ATCards have joined forces to start a new group called ATCsforALL.  I love love love this new group and hope to have lots of fun there.