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I can't believe that I have a week vacation left this close to the end of the year. I had planned to go to Arkansas but for the 3rd year in a row life got in the way. Katy was going to go with me and she is very sick. Not only does she not feel like going, but she would surely make everyone in Arkansas sick.

So I will do whatever each day brings me. Today I got mail ready. I have lots of jams and round robins to mail out, as well as some ATCs that I made. I am sending Woven Dog to my ATC buddy, Patty Jones. I think she will like it. Later, I will go to the post office and then have some lunch.

I'm listening to an audio book, The Camel Club by David Baldacci.
Tags: arkansas, art, atcs, audiobooks, david baldacci, jams, the camel club, vacation, wovendog

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