June 14th, 2006


The only reason I don't have DirecTV is lack of renter's insurance. If I had that, I would shuck Charter Cable like a sausage skin. That company of liars and excuse makers really pisses me off. Last year when I first moved here, the guy that was supposed to come connect my cable didn't come the day he said he would, and then said he did but I didn't answer the door. Katy and I were sitting in the living room in the no tv silence and he never knocked. Then when my first bill came, there was a pay per view boxing match charged to me and believe me I never in my life ordered any kind of sports program. I called and asked them to take it off the bill and instead, they charged me for it again. I called them back and asked them to take off both charges and they said they would, but they only took off one of them. Then when I called back again and again and again, all I got was apologies and excused and never a credit. I finally ended up just paying for it so I could quit talking to the lying assholes. Also the cable guy said he couldn't connect me in the master bedroom cause there was no outlet.

Last week, they called me and offered me a really good upgrade program so I scheduled a visit from them. I also arranged for the cable guy to make me an outlet in the master bedroom and hook me up in there too. I was really excited because the dude on the phone said he couldn't imagine why the first one wouldn't do it. It was a simple thing and would only take a few minutes longer. So I'm supposed to get this upgrade for the original two rooms and the new package in the master. The cable guy comes out and says the work order is for one room and no mention of the outlet which he couldn't do anyway cause he doesn't do that. He apologized for the dude on the phone that gave me the wrong info. I insisted on the upgrade in both other rooms, which he did, but I bet when the bill comes, it's alot more than the quote I got on the phone. Five minutes after the dude left, Katy and I got this message on both our TVs "Service is not Authorized". I called and they said they only needed to resend the signal and it should work within 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, I called them back and they did it again and said wait two hours and if it doesn't work, call back and they'll try again. Well, what do you think? No service still two hours later. I called again and got an apology and a signal resend that should work but didn't so yet another call. They said they would send a tech to have it fixed within 24 hours. I told them that if it wasn't working within 24 hours they should just send someone out to pick up the boxes and I hung up. The cable immediately came on.

Of course, what I wanted to watch was the past episodes of the Sopranoes that I had missed and those were on HBO on Demand, which only gave me a blue screen and no program. They should call it HBO if You're Lucky, cause about every 6th time I tried to get it I got it to work and was able to watch an episode.

When Charter called the next day and said they had me scheduled for service the following day, I said that was way more than 24 hours that the dude gave me the night before, and of course he apologized for the misinformation the previous dude gave me but they didn't have any tech available until the following day and couldn't even give me a time frame. I told him his company was shit and hung up.

An hour later a tech was at the door to fix my cable. Turned out I had a bad box and he traded it out, stayed to make sure everything worked and said if I have any problems just call and he'd come back out. (Of course, I would probably get someone else who would apologize for him saying he would come back out when that was quite impossible)

Well, I'm gonna go watch TV (if it's still working today).